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4. Analysis on Sulfur Market in Turkmenistan and Optimum Methods Used for Sulfur Storage

Qi Yaling, Zhang Yukun, Zhu Bing, Zhao Hailong, Xiao Chunyu

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5.Research on Tail Gas Incinerator in Sulfur Recovery Unit

Zhang Yong, Du Juan, Min Gang, Lu Ming

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6.Study on Compound, Synchronous and Deep Organic Sulfur Removal Technology

Xiao Chunyu, Cheng Lin, Chen Jianliang, Song Donghui

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7.Cathodic Protection of Gas Well Casings

Liu Hailu, Zhang Guohu, Ma Hanyue

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8.Study on Carryoery in Industrial Boiler

Li Yinjian, Chen Yumei, Cao Yun, Wei Yu

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14.Setting of Natural Gas Vent Pipe

Pu Lizhu, Chen Liqiong, Yang Wenchuan

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17.Research on Production Decline Regularity of Production Wells in Shale Gas Reservoir

Yao Meng, Lei Gang, Peng Pan, Mi Lidong, Hu Jia, Li Yong

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19.Research and Application of New Shale Gas Fracturing Fluid Drag Reduction Agent

Li Ping, Wang Juncheng, Li Benxu, Xie Xiaona, Gao Xinyi, Li Yuan

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20.Study on Circular Reference Electrode

Ma Xiaoliang, Chang Guichuan, Ding Runhua, Qiu Dong, Deng Zhuolin

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