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The periodical, Natural Gas and Oil, hosted by China Petroleum Engineering Co., Ltd. Southwest Company is a scientific publication mainly on petrochemical sector. Putting emphasis on  Oil and Gas Transportation and Storage, Oil and Gas Treating and Processing, Oil and Gas Field Development, Corrosion and Corrosion Protection, Informatization and Instrument Control,  Utility (include Electricity, Heating and Ventilation, Civil Water, Mechanical Equipment, Architecture and Structure, General Plot Plan, Communication), Technology and Economy, Engineering Geology and Survey, Health, Safety and Environment, Enterprise Management, etc.


Our purpose is to promote advanced technology of constructing oil-gas field surface engineering at home and abroad.


Natural Gas and Oil is source periodical of Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database, collection periodical of Chinese Core Journal <Selection> Database, collection periodical of Chinese Science Journal Database, core periodical of China Petroleum Literature Database, collection periodical of U.S <Ulrich's Periodicals Directory>.


Natural Gas and Oil, Domestic Unitary Issue Number: CN 511183/TE, International Standard Serial Number: ISSN 10065539,Bimonthly, the 16 Dimensions, 20/copy, 120/year(postage included).Subscribers can pay subscription fee via bank draft: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Shahe Branch, Chengdu, Sichuan Province.


Account Name: China Petroleum Engineering Co., Ltd. Southwest Company


Account Number: 440221102900505039. Individual subscriber can pay subscription fee by post directly to the editorial department.


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