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Notice for soliciting articles of <Natural Gas and Oil>


Natural Gas and Oil is a technical periodical that is hosted and publically issued by China Petroleum Engineering CO., Ltd Southwest Company, the aim of this periodical is to generalize the advance technologies in oil and gas fields ground construction, it is mainly covering the latest scientific and technological achievements, such as  'Oil and Gas Transportation and Storage', 'Oil and Gas Treating and Processing', 'Oil and Gas Field Development', 'Corrosion and Corrosion Protection', ‘Informatization and Instrument Control’, 'Utility’ (include Electricity, Heating and Ventilation, Civil Water, Mechanical Equipment, Architecture and Structure, General Plot Plan, Communication),'Technology and Economy', 'Engineering Geology and Survey', ‘Health, Safety and Environment’, “Enterprise Management’, etc.


1.     Articles Requirements:

(1)     Title should be concise, specific, precise, and tightly relate to the topic of the article, not exceed 20 words, and should not contain uncommon words and characters.

(2)     Name of the author: All authors’ organizations, locations and postal codes must be stated. The brief of first author, which included name, birth date, gender, native place, position, education qualification, resume and research direction, and contact number must be stated as well.

(3)     Abstract: 200-400 words abstract in Chinese and English must be attached with the article; the abstract should illuminate the purpose, methods, results, and conclusion of the research. Abstract should be independent and self-involved, any charts, diagrams, complicated mathematical formulas, uncommon characters, abbreviations and references should not be included in the abstract.

(4)     Keywords: there should be 3-8 keywords included in both Chinese and English.

(5)     Text: The full text must conform to the periodical’s coverage, should be scientific, innovative, advanced and practical, there should be no political mistakes and leaked contents; the topic selected should be novelty, with clear theme, sufficient arguments, reliable data, and valid conclusion. The whole text must not exceed 6000 words; illegal units of measurement are forbidden, For the using of foreign letters, must clearly distinguish between the capitalizing and small, block and italics; for characters used in mathematical formulas, commentaries must be added.

(6)     Authors must carefully select tables and pictures insert in their articles, the contents of those diagrams and pictures must avoid repeating the text contents; pictures should be clear, hierarchical structured, every picture should contains sequences and topic; tables normally adopt three-line tables, each table should contain sequence, topic, item field, and main body.

(7)     References: 3~12 references can be used; all references should be numbered in sequential order as them appeared in the main text, each reference should be translated in English and stated below it.

The format of different reference citations:

Monograph: [Serial Number] Author’s full name. The monograph name[M]. Edition (first edition no need to indicate). Translator’s name (for translation). Place of Publication: the publisher, year of publication, the page numbers.

Journal Articles: [Serial Number] Author’s full name. The title of the article. The title of the journal. The year of the journal. the volume number of the journal: the page numbers.

Analyzed documents of collected papers: [Serial Number] Author’s name. Name of the analyzed documents of collected papers. The name of the editors. The Name of the collected papers[C]. Place of Publication, year of publication, the page numbers.

2.     Notes:

(1)   We will take academic misconduct checks of every submitted article check for plagiarism, the repetitive rate of science articles cannot exceed 20%, and the repetitive rate of review articles cannot exceed 25%, all unqualified articles will not be accepted.

(2)   Articles sponsored by funds, the fund project name must be filled according to official name set by the relevant regulations of the State, and state the project serial number.

(3)   In order to adapt with needs of domestic information construction, expand academic communication networks among authors, our publications have been involved in database such as Chinese Academic Journals( Disk Version), Wan Fang Data-Digital Journals Group, etc. The accesses fees of author’s copyright and remuneration will be paid together to authors, for any disagreements, kindly declare during the submission of articles, we will make appropriate adjustments.

(4)   Please indicate the postal code, address, contact number and email of the contact personnel

(5)   Due to a large load of articles submitted, and the complicated handling process of manuscripts, please log into our online system to get the latest process status of your submission, thank you for your patience and cooperation.

(6)   If you do not receive any acceptance notifications within 6 months on the date of submission, you can handle the articles on your own.

(7)   There will be no any charges such as manuscripts examination fees, or space fees occurred in any form.



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