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Natural Gas and Oil Magazine started publication in 1962, and has been published in China bimonthly for over 50 years. Natural Gas and Oil is authorized by China Petroleum Engineering Co., Ltd. and hosted by China Petroleum Engineering Co., Ltd. Southwest Company. We aim to promote advanced technologies of gas and oil field surface construction, solve difficult problems in construction and operation, and serve for the production both domestically and abroad.

Our main columns include  'Viewpoint', 'Oil & Gas Gatrering, Transportation and Treatment', 'Oil & Gas Exploration and Development', 'Utility', 'Corrosion and Corrosion Protection', 'Engineering Geology and Survey', 'Safety and Management' (include QHSE, Informatization, Enterprise Management, etc), 'Technology and Economy', etc.

Natural Gas and Oil is source journal for Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers and Citations, source periodical of Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database, collection periodical of Chinese Science Journal Database, core periodical of China Petroleum Literature Database, collection periodical of U.S <Ulrich's Periodicals Directory>.


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